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Monday, March 15, 2010

Tamanna Looking Cute in pink Color Dress

Thamanna who is currently acting with Jayam Ravi in Thillangadi gave a small interview:
About Thillangadi? 
This film is a remake of the Telugu hit Film Kick. Jayam Raja is directing this film. I am pairing with Jayam Ravi.
Our combination will be totally different in this film. All the songs have come out well.  Choreographer Shobi has specially designed special movements for me in this film. Cinematographer Rajashekar has captured me in a different dimension. The film has come out well. See the film and tell me. 

What kind of role you are doing in Vijay starrer Sura? 
I am acting in this film under the direction of S P Rajkumar in this film. I am donning the role of a city girl and this is the first film I am pairing with Vijay. 

Is there any difference of opinion between Nayanthara and you? 
For some reasons Nayanthara did not act in Paiyya. Because of this somebody has to act in her place. They selected me to do this role. Since I liked the story I agreed to act in this film and moreover they paid me the salary I demanded. So I acted in this film. There is nothing wrong in this. There is no problem between Nayanthara and me as you mentioned. 

Are you interested in working in Hindi films? 
I have got a place for me in Tamil films. For time being I am not interested in acting in Hindi films. But if I get the opportunity I wouldn’t refuse to act provided it is a good story.    

Sri Lanka sexy girls, girls in sexy shorts, Nehara peiris hot
CCNA Success guide
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