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Friday, April 30, 2010

Swimsuit pictures of sweta and more sexy randoms

Kausha with another item number
Kausha is popular for her oomph factor. Though she has not got many opportunities as an actress, she has made her mark with item numbers. According to sources she is doing an item number in the forthcoming flick “A Aaa Ee Eee”. The song is expected to be a highly spicy number. The movie stars Srikanth in the lead. Meera Jasmine and sexy Sada will be the heroines of the movie. This item number by Kausha is being deemed as the highlight of the film and Kausha is hopeful that this would give her more recognition and success in the film circuit The film is slated to be a comedy entertainer with family sentiment in it.

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Madhurima Making the feel of SEXY

Mounaragam heroine Madhurima

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sanjana in Short and Tight dress

Puri introduces another Kannada girl Sanjana

Puri is presently working on Bujjigadu (Made in Chennai) with Prabhas. We had already reported that Trisha will be playing the lead in the film. But the film has another girl in the second lead.And it is this girl that is the talk of Tollywood these days. She is another Kannada find of Puri, who had earlier introduced Rakshita. Sanjana is a film old in the Kannada industry and her film is being dubbed into Telugu as Mogudu Pellam O Boyfriend. News from the sets is that though Trisha plays the main lead, it is Sanjana who will walk away with a meatier role as her role is what Puri is concentrating on.

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Femina Miss India 2000 finalist and Vatika Ford Supermodel - Sandhya Shetti

I Want to leave a niche in everything I do' - Sandhya Shetty
A versatile fashion model, tall dusky sultry and a stunner - Sandhya Shetty, Femina Miss India 2000 finalist and Vatika Ford Supermodel 2002 1st runners up, is going great in her modelling career. Sandhya has had the distinction to be featured on the cover of London based fashion magazine OCCASIONS, along with a fashion feature in 2002. Her unusual beauty captivated Partho Ghosh, the Paris based international photographer’s eye in 2002. She was featured in the international French fashion magazines PARIS MATCH in 2002 and POINT DE VUE in 2003, a rare feat by an Indian model. Partho Ghosh also shot a series of pictures of Sandhya recently, for his international exhibition titled BEAUTIFUL WOMEN OF THE WORLD, being held all over the world. 

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Watch the Beautiful model - Diksha panth

Diksha Panth Photo Gallery

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